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Ultrahuman Ring Air

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Ultrahuman is the world's most comprehensive self-quantification platform.

Ultrahuman’s products include the Ultrahuman Ring AIR–the world’s lightest sleep-tracking wearable; Ultrahuman M1–a continuous glucose monitoring platform; Ultrahuman Home–a home health device that monitors environmental markers that affect your health every day; and Blood Vision–a preventive blood testing platform with the pioneering UltraTrace™ technology. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is the world's lightest sleep tracking wearable that accurately measures your sleep, HRV, movement, and temperature, with insights to help you improve your health every day.

The Ultrahuman M1 helps you measure the impact of food and activity on your body in real time through glucose as a biomarker.When worn together, the Ring AIR with M1 is uniquely powerful. The glucose data from the M1 in convergence with the movement, body and sleep data from Ring AIR provide deep correlations to improve your metabolic health.The Ultrahuman Home is a silent and sophisticated home health device that monitors environmental markers that affect your health every day, including exposure to artificial light, air quality, humidity, and noise levels. It’s a first for the wearable space to leverage home health data and correlate the home environment (humidity, air quality, temperature) to an individual’s lifestyle (sleep, stress).With Blood Vision, users can do more than just ascertain their current health status.

The pioneering UltraTrace™ technology seamlessly correlates changes in your sleep, resting HR, HRV, and movement trends with pertinent markers in the blood.