Universal Colours

Universal Colours is a cycling apparel brand based out of London. Whilst our debut collection launched in the summer of 2020, early development began back in 2018 when our small team of keen cyclists came together to realise a vision: create a global performance brand with strong values, acknowledging cyclists see their clothing as an extension of their views and personality.Universal Colours was created without compromise on originality, durability and responsibility.
As a brand, we seek to challenge ourselves and our partners. We evolve, adapt and constantly look outside of our industry for inspiration, be that outdoor, streetwear or high fashion. We pay homage to the changing seasons and consistent rides that look different year-round. As such, we view our collections as a continuation of our story, a new volume rather than a new season.

We are committed to changing the way cycling apparel is manufactured. The synergy between our core values and our factories and mills is imperative to our success. A collaborative approach allows us to adapt, progress and create the most carefully considered, high-quality product possible. We only work with factories internationally audited for social and environmental good practice, and this will never change.

Our collections include unisex pieces and we use the same colour palette across genders. Universal Colours encourages everyone to share the joy of cycling and invites individuals from all walks of life to join our community and connect through a mutual passion for sports and adventure.