Darimo T2 15mm SB Seatpost

RM 1,625.00

We introduce the Darimo T2 SB  with 15mm setback  Seatpost in which we have studied and designed all its parts to achieve a record weight (117 g in 400mm lenght).
The main post is made of carbon fiber using bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with an studied asymmetrical laminate to achieve the optimum combination of minimum weight and maximum of resistance.

Each seatpost is laminated by hand to achieve a record weight keeping in mind the strength and your safety. To do this, at each point of the seatpost there are a different numbers and arrangements of carbon fiber layers. The layers arrangement is obtained after finite elements analysis and destructive testing.

The connection parts with the saddle have a large contact surface without sharp edges so it is suitable for any type of rails, including carbon rails 7 * 9mm.

Finishing: Bright – Mat, Bidirectional or unidirectional (+4g), customizable decals colours.