AIRACE Windpro Floor Pump

RM 195.00

Steel barrel
Entry level Plastic Clever Twin Valve (CTV-P) with Thumb- Lock lever.
Fit for Schrader, Presta, Dunlop & E/V
Secure-sealed Presta valve will not disengage under high pressure.
Easy engaged
After operating, Presta valve of bike tires won’t be separated when the pump head leaves the bike
2.5” gauge
Max. pressure 160psi (11 bar)
Color: Red
10 years on, Airace is leading the pack in bicycle pump research and product development. Airace benefits from more than a decade of improving and inventing new pump designs. The company draws, not only from many years of experience, but also from a solid global network of marketers who gather important market information year-on year-out. This enables Airace to stay close to the market and better understand market trends and consumer needs.

Today, Airace produces bicycle pumps and tools that integrate simple yet trend setting designs with all the basic requirements of good pump. Airace products are eye-catching, unique, comfortable and easy to use.