Race ULTRA+ Aero - Plum

RM 730.00


The ultimate in aerodynamics, comfort and rider connectivity: Race ULTRA+ utilises groundbreaking innovative technologies to redefine performance cycling apparel.

The Race ULTRA+ jersey utilises Italian made Kinetech™ DragZero 3D structured fabrics in key areas to significantly improve aerodynamics of the rider.

By positioning this textured surface material (much like the surface of a golf ball) in the areas of highest resistance (arms and shoulders of the rider), air turbulence is created on the surface of the material resulting in delamination of the air flow. Race ULTRA+ keeps this airflow attached to the body for longer, a smaller vortex is left behind the rider. A smaller Vortex means less drag, and a more aerodynamic rider.

Benefits and highlights:

  • Engineered 3D structured sleeve surface within Kinetech™ DragZero fabric 
  • Ultra smooth fabric back panel where smoother air flow is required
  • Stretchable high compression fabrics reduce wrinkles and help prevent flapping as well provide fatigue reducing muscle support
  • SPF 50+ sun protection and advanced moisture management